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My grandpa loves to paint. If you walk into his house the first thing you will see are his paintings. On every wall there is a painting. My grandpa thinks that the wall isn’t complete without a painting on it. My grandpa’s paintings are huge and colorful.

One day when I went over to my grandpa’s house, he asked me if I wanted to help him make a new painting. I didn’t even have to think about it, I said yes right away! I was extremely excited because I think painting is kind of fun. So I went upstairs with him to his art studio and he handed me an item that felt sharp and he handed me a plate with paint on it. I didn’t know what the sharp object was. He said it was a palette knife. On the canvas he had pencil lines drawn in.

He said: “Show me what you can do.”

So I started painting on our canvas. He gave me tips as I went along. Sometimes he was holding my arm and he would guide me while I was painting. We were up in the studio for about the whole day. Time went very quickly. Then finally when we were done we took a step back and stood there for two minutes just staring at the painting, and he said that we had to put our names on it. We both signed our names to the painting.

The next day when it was dry I got to pick where to hang it. I put it right in front of the fire place so that when you walk through the door to his house the first thing you see is the painting.

This was the best day I ever spent with my grandpa.

Adam Sadoff