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Twenty some years ago I conceptualized that painting would be a relaxing activity, an offset from money management. Something to do when the Milwaukee weather is inclement. A hobby that didn’t require connecting with a friend, like golf. One major hurdle. I couldn’t draw.

Enter a “how to” book titled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Bette Edwards. This book opened my world to drawing and eventually painting. The book’s first exercise is to draw (just pencil and paper) an illustration (which is upside down). That’s correct. Draw the picture as it is shown: inverted. The lesson is to draw what you see, not what you think you see. When I turned both the drawing and picture right side up, I was simply amazed. A magical beginning. The lesson: drawing is seeing – shapes texture, light, color.

The next transition was from drawing to painting. I prefer acrylics to oil because the paint dries quickly and clean up can be done with water, not turpentine. I took a course to learn how to prepare the canvas and mix colors. Thereafter I purchased and studied many ”how to paint” instruction books.

Like many artists I began by painting fruits and flowers. Subsequently I shifted to more complex and detailed pictures. Bright colors. Lots of people. Interesting backgrounds. My grandchildren often appear in my paintings. So does my colorful wardrobe of shirts. I prefer large canvases (4' x 6' or 5' x 7'). Larger paintings just naturally pull in the viewer.

In a more recent shift, I prefer palette knives to brushes. The result is more interesting textures and colors that pop with a more dramatic look.

My art room is in my home. What do I listen to when I paint? Years ago I listened to classical music. Currently I listen to old time radio shows: Duffy’s Tavern, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, the Great Gildersleeve. Old time radio classics.

I trust you will enjoy my paintings. I would appreciate your feedback.


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